NEVE 723 Output Stages
  • NEVE 723 Output Stages
  • NEVE 723 Output Stages

NEVE 723 Output Stages

Here is the missing link between the digital world and the analog world.
This Neve Series 81 desk stereo output stage allows you to warm up the sound of DAO interfaces or digital desks on stage.
This unit also gives the "NEVE" sound to any audio device.
A stereo passing through this device is expanded.
The board used has 2 output stages driving Marinair transformers providing a gain of 10dB adjustable by potentiometer or stepped selector.
A way to boost your system.

 Optionnal input Vu meters

Version: Lunchbox
Option: Standard
gain control: Potentiometer
Production time 3 weeks

  • 2 channels with 10dB adjustable gain with 26dB hedroom
  • Marinair Transformer balanced outputs
  • XLR output connectors 
  • Bypass switch
  • Grayhill notched gain selector (optional)
  • 110/220V AC power supply


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