Classic PSU Kit
  • Classic PSU Kit

Classic PSU Kit


This kit allows you to power various Langevin, Neumann, Neve, Siemens, Telefunken, Trident ...preamp and equalizer modules in order to put them in a rack.

This kit allows all these power supplies to be made according to the transformer (not supplied) and the regulator resistors used.

Can supply 1.5 amps per rail +/-V and 300mA +48vdc

Minimum enclosure height = 2U

Available as a complete kit or without components.

Available as a complete kit or Built and tested.

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Voltage: +/-15V
48V Phantom: Yes
Configuration: Kit
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Classic Power supply kit by Labo ★ K Effects

The power supply is the starting point of any audio project. A poor quality power supply can ruin the performance of any audio device, no matter how good it is.
The design and components used for this power supply allow for excellent results.
A consequent filtering has been privileged (good quality and good size capacitors).
A very clean regulation offering a quality noise floor.
Easy to place in a rack thanks to its hanging system.
The choice of transformer voltages optimises the work of the regulators.
The filtering and regulation are distributed over two boards, which reduces the overall size of the unit.

This kit allows you to build power supply for various preamp and equalizer modules Langevin, Neumann, Neve, Siemens, Telefunken, Trident ... to put them in a rack.

Various voltages required to power these modules are generally:

The +/-24 V supply for the modules of 60’s-70’s (Langevin, Neumann, Neve Siemens, Telefunken ...

Voltage rails between - / +12 V and-/ +18 V for most of the 80’s until today modules.

The +45 V power required by Trident B-Range, Trimix modules

And of course the +48 V phantom power for condenser microphones.

Can supply 1.5 amp per +/-V rail and 300mA +48vdc

Minimum housing height = 2U


1 FPSU board

This card is responsible for rectifying and filtering the AC voltage. It provides the regulated +48V phantom power supply voltage.

1 VREG card

This card provides the regulated voltages.

1 FPSU-VREG Labo K Effects bracket

Connectors and components

The  transformer is sold separately.

10 Items

Data sheet

Transformer required
+/- 12VDC 2X12VAC
+/- 15VDC 2X15VAC
+/- 16V DC 2x15VAC
+/- 18V DC 2x18VAC
+/- 24V DC 2x25VAC

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