Prewired Neve 51 Rack
  • Prewired Neve 51 Rack

Prewired Neve 51 Rack


Prewired rack to host two preamps and two equalizers from a Neve 51/V series of the 80s

Suitable for Neve 51, Neve V3, Neve VR modules

Once the modules are set into the rack using the elements provided for this purpose, simply connect their ribbons to the Labo K interconnect boards.

A simple modification must be made to the equaliser (allows to get rid of the 25V voltage of the inserts).

Internal power supply

Master volumes


HiZ inputs in front

Vu meter LED (on the 4U version)

4 positions of the signal to be displayed are selectable by jumper on the pcb.

Input, pre or post gain selector, post output fader.

Option: Standard
Main: 220V AC
Layout: Vertical
Production 4 to 6 weeks