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Fuzz Ultra


Inspired by traditional Fuzz, the Fuzz Ultra brings a lot of originality. A judicious choice of components gives this Fuzz a particular texture, both vintage and modern.

It has a volume control, tone and a drive setting. A three-position selector allows you to choose different colors.

It also has a Gate setting that allows you to sculpt the attack.

 Fuzz Ultra demo by François Delfin

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The Gate setting that eliminates unwanted noise or carve attack.
The latter makes it possible to obtain different effects such as staccato or pumping.

Finally, the Fuzz Ultra has a Fuzz mode, a Fat mode and an Ultra mode that bring low frequencies making use with a bass guitar particularly interesting.

Features and Controls: 
3PDT True Bypass - Volume - Tone - Drive - Gate - Colour (Bright-Warm-Deep) - Frequency range (Fuzz-Fat-Ultra) - Power supply: 9V battery or external power supply (not supplied) - power-link system by Labo ★ K Effects

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Data sheet

Clipping (Drive)
Colour (Bright-Warm-Deep)
Frequency range (Fuzz-Fat-Ultra)
Output volume (Volume)
Tonality (Tone)
True bypass 3DPT
Power supply
9V battery or external power supply (not included)
Power-Link System by Labo ★ K effects